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Changes in the Foundation's team


April 5, 2023

We are proud to announce an appointment and the arrival of a new employee at the Foundation. It's moving, in our beautiful team! The challenges are many and building this #ProfoundlyHuman movement requires a passionate and strong team.

Pascale Rolland, who had been responsible for fundraising events for over a year, has been promoted to the title of Senior Advisor, Events and Development. Among other things, she will be responsible for managing the budget for events, their overall planning and the search for/retention of sponsors.

To support her in these challenges, a new Events and Communications Advisor joined us on April 3: Patrick Hébert. The latter will be responsible for the deployment of events: logistics, communications with participants, social media and more!

In addition, since January 2022, two of our colleagues have taken on new roles: Isabelle Tremblay is now Deputy Executive Director and Samira Gouzi, Director of Philanthropic Development. A team that is becoming more professional and growing within the organization: we have much to be proud of.