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Essential equipment for the surgical block


March 22, 2023

On the photo: Rania Dahmani technical coordinator in respiratory therapy, Dr. Annie Lagacé - anesthesiologist, Isabelle Lafrenière - head of the operating room department and Marie-Josée Pons - nurse clinician assistant head

On March 16, the Foundation went to visit the operating room to see the impact of your donations and label the various devices purchased with the help of your contributions. The operating room at Cité-de-la-Santé is among the busiest in Quebec, with its 11 rooms, some 11,000 surgeries performed each year and its hundred or so employees who gravitate there every day! Here are some of the devices acquired recently thanks to YOU:

2 anesthesia machines: $137,000

In the event of a device breaking, the operating theater team sometimes found itself in a difficult position. These incidents (160 in number in 2020-2021) led to the loss of precious operating time. The Foundation has therefore made it possible to acquire two new devices, which make it possible to maintain surgeries in the 11 rooms, even in the event of breakage. As an increasing number of surgeries are related to cancer, this sum was invested thanks to donations collected for the Laval Cancer Program, in particular within the framework of the 300 km for LIFE.

2 Gamma Probes: $30,000

Gamma probes are used for all oncological surgeries involving sentinel lymph nodes. As these must be retreated between each patient, the acquisition of 2 more probes will reduce the time between the surgeries requiring them. Thank you to the participants and donors of the 300 km for LIFE!

In this photo: Rania Dahmani, respiratory therapy technical coordinator, Lucie Bibeau - general surgery nurse team leader, Marie-Josée Pons - clinical nurse assistant head, Isabelle Lafrenière - operating room department head.