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Baby plants month


March 7, 2023

For the 3rd year in a row, horticulturist Mélanie Grégoire is proposing BABY PLANT MONTH. This beautiful project, born from his personal story, aims to raise funds for neonatology care in Quebec. Half of the amounts raised in Quebec are invested in provincial research and the other half in neonatal units in each region. Last year, the CISSS de Laval received more than $6,000!

The little story

The month of baby plants was born following the premature birth of Laurent, the son of well-known horticulturist Mélanie Grégoire, at only 30 weeks in April 2020. Laurent and his family spent more than 2 months in the neonatal care department. Laurent suffered from several complications following his premature birth, but thanks to research, he was able to be saved and now lives a life without the consequences of his too early birth.

This fundraiser is intended to help future babies so that they can grow up healthy.

To learn more.

To buy a baby plant in Laval:

All IGA stores

Jardins Zeillinger
4341 Boul Dagenais O, Laval
(450) 627-7000

Serres Lavoie

1470, Avenue des Perron, Laval
Quebec H7H 3C6 (450) 625-0279

Les serres P. Brisebois et fils inc
4100 Bd Dagenais O, Laval
(Qébec) H7R 1L4
(450) 963-8693

Pépinière Locas

3254 Boul. Ste-Rose, Laval
(Québec) H7P 4K8
(450) 622-0347

Centre de Jardin Floréal

2900 Bd du Curé-Labelle, Laval
(Québec) H7P 4W6

Charbonneau L'Expert

6, Boul. Samson
Laval (Québec) H7X 3Y3